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7 – How To Create Abundance In Your Investing And Your Life

On today’s episode,

Bernadette interviews Jason Snaddon, popularly known as The Abundance Activator. Jason studies the spiritual Laws of Abundance and implements these by experimenting with letting go of what no longer serves him and essentially creating abundance in all areas of his life. Jason discusses in length how getting focused on creating the reality you want and believing you are significant, you can create the abundance in your life that you always visualize.

Jason is the founder of Love Property, an investment property solutions real estate business he started in 2002.

Listen to Episode 7: How To Create Abundance In Your Investing And Your Life

Bernadette covers,

  • How Jason first realized he can be abundant in investing when he attended a property investment seminar when he was still an overworked employee in the internet arena
  • The valuable lessons Jason learned from working for a good investment property solutions company and recognizing his talent in sales
  • Why focusing on creating the reality you want can guide you to success with your property goals
  • How Jason’s land of abundance unfolded and progressed into an impressive property portfolio
  • Jason’s most exciting property investment – one from his hometown in New Zealand
  • A Sydney 1-bedroom apartment Jason bought purely for investment and is now a high-yielding full-time Airbnb How we can harness prosperity in our lives through the law of attraction
  • Why having the right mindset can lead you to financial abundance
  • Realizing what gives you joy when renovating for profit and keeping your focus
  • How having joyful experiences, connections, and fulfillment is really the key to living a really rich abundant life
  • Jason’s three top tips for renovators or investors to creating financial abundance in their lives
  • And why, if you want abundance in your life, it is essential to take action


Bernadette: Hello! Bernadette Janson from She Renovates. A podcast for women who want to create an income and a life they love through renovating. And today I have a very special episode. I actually have a guest today and his name is Jason Snaddon. I like those people who start down the path of building wealth through property, understand that the important part that mindset plays in their results. Unfortunately, knowing is not enough, it’s an area of your work that you do really have to work on. I have to say, I was once a bit skeptic and considered many of the concepts a bit too woo woo for me. But I recently discovered the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza whose research has uncovered a very clear connection between your thoughts and reality. And then it all started to make sense. And so today I’m speaking with Jason Snaddon he’s not only a very successful investor but he works with people to help manifest abundance. He is known as The Abundance Activator. Welcome Jason! How are you?

Jason: Thanks, Bernadette! Yes, I’m great, great, thank you. And yeah I’m so thrilled about Dr. Joe Dispenza, because he put the science behind what I’ve been working with for so many years and I kept it quiet. I didn’t share what I knew for a long long time because I thought people would think I was too woo woo. So it’s only in the last few years I’ve been sharing what I know. So he puts the science behind the doors.

Bernadette: Yes, I found it quite challenging to grasp and but also intriguing. Yeah. I can’t put the books down.

Jason: Yeah. No, he’s great. I saw him soaring in Melbourne last year and he is just an amazing speaker who just held our audience all day! All day! He was incredible.

Bernadette: Welcome. So let’s get into it. So just to tip off. Would you mind just sharing a little bit about your property journey?

Jason: Well, I bought my first property probably when I was 21 years of age and it was when I had just got a job with a company car and I’d sold my car and I had about five thousand dollars. And my stepfather had developed a couple of properties and he was in a bit of a financial tight spot and he let me buy one of these properties with five thousand dollars deposit. He left the money in and for me and then I was able to borrow the rest. And that was the first property that I got and that doubled in value in two years. But I didn’t really jump on the property bandwagon. From there you would have thought I would have, but no I was more interested in partying and going out at that stage of my life. But it was my first success story, it wasn’t until 2002 when I was living in Sydney and I had a high paying job in the internet arena and through the whole boom time and I was spending most of my money on partying and going out. But I had enough deposits to buy a property and without looking to buy a property. And I wanted to buy in Elizabeth Bay in Sydney. And the market and things were selling very quickly and I was very disillusioned with real estate agents, I thought they were all pretty slack and they didn’t really care, they didn’t follow up and I thought, gee, I could do a better job than these guys!

I wouldn’t take much to really do something a little bit different. But through and out and I was pretty over working with what I was doing in the internet arena. I’d fallen into that career and through that process I went on a property investment seminar and I learnt how negative gearing work and how you could build a portfolio of properties in a few years. If you use your tax benefits it would cost you very little to run a return, based on a property. That actually made more sense to me, to be an investor versus on going out and buying a property at a time to live in. And then I got very curious about it, actually I think I’d be really interested in making that my career. I have been in sales sort of role and successful sales and I thought why not do that aspect of property and what would it be like if I was being provided leads to go out and see people. And so I got a job with a good investment property solutions which was part of RAMS Home Loans and we essentially got leads from all the RAMS Home Loans clients and I would go out and drive around the world and go and see people in their homes that already had experienced equity and I’d take to show them how they could leverage off the equity to invest in property.

Now this company that I worked for was very blokey, very very blokey environment and had really good training culture and so I learnt a lot about how to sell investment property, but I wasn’t. I was one of the worst performing South consultants for the company and I didn’t understand why because I had always been quite successful in sales and one day I got handed a book called “The Magicians” by William White Power. And that book taught me how your focus creates your reality and it also talked about how magic happens when you really aligned with what you want to bring forth and use an example of manifesting car parts. And I’ve always been really good. I understood how to manifest car parts, so that book made sense to me. But I thought they’ve got to be more to this than just visualize or focusing on what you want. And so I started doing some more and more study and I learnt what was going on for me and in my work environment. One of my big limiting belief behaviours being that I play significant when I’m feeling like I am less than. And that was my fault. And when I could see that I was playing and significant in this sales environment, I was like wow this is interesting I’m playing it. I don’t think I’m anywhere near as good as the guys that I’m working with unless that that’s being reflected in my results.

And so that was the start of my career in property and also through learning about what focus creating reality for the first time in my life. I got clear on what my land of abundance looked like and that land of abundance included creating wealth through investing and property, building a portfolio of properties over time. I was clear on what I wanted for my principal home, I wanted a penthouse apartment with views of Sydney. I wanted a relationship, I wanted a Mercedes convertible, and I wanted this. And for the first time in my life, I could say that I actually wanted to have my own business, and so I got clear on my land of abundance and property and it was a fantastic vehicle to leverage into my land of abundance and it was. And from the day that I got clear on my land of abundance in 2005, February 2005 by October 2010 I was in my renovated apartments.

Overlooking Sydney my pick top floor apartment just renovated it lived there with my now husband and had a BMW convertible downstairs and had started building a portfolio. I then had four or five properties. In beachfront property at that time, so I was like, oh my goodness! This land of abundance has unfolded! This stuff works! And so that’s been my property journey. Property has been my vehicle to create wealth. Not only am I building my wealth through equity but also having a business, a real estate business that created the income. To support me building my portfolio over time.

Bernadette: Wow. And can I ask you when you created that land of abundance, did you write it down?

Jason: I did. Yes, I did. I wrote it so what I learned is that we are intuitive beings. So that was the other piece, really important piece was that we are intuitive beings. And when we give ourselves space through meditation or through creating space for presence, we then give ourselves space to connect and to what is there from our unlimited self. So without any of the limiting beliefs that play, anything holding us back, what does this land of abundance look like from this unlimited perspective. And that’s what I could see for the first time, I could see what was possible for me and I’ve never done that before. And because I allowed myself to really fully see it without any of the blinkers on, without any of the limiting beliefs at play. And that’s why it was so strong. It was so powerful.

Bernadette: Okay. And so, what would you say has been your biggest property success like in terms of results in investing? What would have been the thing that you would classify your most momentous success?

Jason: Well, the most fun property and most abundant outcome would have been our principal place of residence which  we bought the end of 2009. Market was a bit flat and we had this vision we wanted it to paint that has a top floor apartment, we wanted it to be original, we wanted it to be a do up, we wanted it to be in central Sydney with views. And as soon as we walked in to us, and saw it, we were like, oh this is it! This is it, we have to have this. And I’ve been teaching my clients, when you’re buying an investment property because there’s no emotion attached to it, but when it’s your own to occupy, the emotion kicks in and we really love this property and and we were prepared to pay to get it. There was a lot of competition for it and in this instance we broke the record for the highest price paid for an apartment in that building, but it paid off. It paid off. We doubled our money on that property in the seven years that we owned it and we made it our own. We renovated it and we made it our own. So it was the most fun property. And another set of properties that I bought in New Zealand have been totally different to what my original way of investing, these were low priced cheapie properties that I bought in nature in New Zealand which is where I grew up and I could see these were bargains and they needed some money spent on them. And the first one I paid $98,000 New Zealand for, spent $15,000 on it, today it gets $295 a week wins and it’s valued at about $230,000 New Zealand. So the fun has been the result of the return on that investment and an awful lot of fun spending the $15,000 on it and just making the improvements. We painted on the outside and tidied up the gardens and painted on the inside, a new carpet and it was very fulfilling doing that.

And then the next one I got which was a half to one block. With two houses on it so the original old house at the front and then they put a 2 bedroom a house on the back but it’s all on one title and I paid $170,000 New Zealand dollars for that one. And today it’s $295 a week, a little 2 bedroom house. And in the house on the front gets $300 a week. The house in the front I had to spend a bit of money on it needed a new roof that needed completely fixing up and so I think I spent about $20,000 on that one. But here and on the investment’s been terrific and discussing joy and because and it was also a time when I was actually in fact looking after my mother who had terminal cancer at the time. So it was kind of I have this feeling like this was the little gift that was happening while I was there looking after her as well. So it means a lot to me. It was my most exciting property. And I’ve got another one on a ship which has been my 1 bedroom apartment in St. Peter’s in Sydney and I originally bought that as just a pure investment and as it was getting closer to completion my husband got a job in Melbourne and I suddenly thought, actually what if we set that up as Airbnb and then I use it. Because I was commuting between Sydney and Melbourne and I use that and then have it Airbnb in between and it was absolutely brilliant! Because it was my Sydney pad when I was in Sydney and I was getting a really good return on it while it was Airbnb most weekends on the BBC when I was in Melbourne. And now that I’m fully committed to living in Melbourne it’s on Airbnb full time, but what I realised was how profitable the Airbnb thing was. Which wasn’t even on my radar it was only on my radar to serve me to be able to use the house. And so it’s remained in Airbnb and it’s been a terrific investment, terrifically high yielding little property. And I’m not a fan of creating it to.

Bernadette: Yeah. Yeah, you’re speaking to the converted Jason.

Jason: I thought you might like that!

Bernadette: So in actual fact I did an episode on Airbnb just recently, because I think it’s not for every property but if it works for your property it’s an absolute thing. And particularly one thing that’s going so well is if like you’re trying to sell something on the market. You’re in a bit of a dip or you’ve got a bit of a stall on your project and have to get approval through. I think it’s an incredible gift. So you have to go. So now I know you work with people who want to build abundance, financial abundance. Do you find that financial abundance comes naturally to some people and not others?

Jason: Yeah. It’s been interesting, 15 years of helping people and based on property and you see so many different attitudes towards investing. Some people are complete, they don’t want to know anything, they just take action but they don’t know any detail. They just think I’ve got to buy a property let’s just go and and but don’t take enough responsibility in what they’re actually investing in. Then there’s the others that are so fearful. That they either get paralyzed and don’t take action or they take action but they are taking action from this place of complete fear with the whole doom and gloom persona expectation but it’s all going to fail. And 9 out of 10, 9’s will be the ones that have all the problems that come forth. You know bad tenants or a property it’s got problems or whatever it is. And whereas the ones that are actually 100% know this is a great investment. This feels really aligned to what I want to bring forth. It’s in line with my vision, why I am investing, what my purpose is behind investing and generally they are the ones that have the greatest success. And the more easeful outcomes, tenancy straight away good would return, capital growth happening great property, you name it.

Bernadette: But I think that’s something to be said for the energy that you bring to a transaction.

Jason: Yeah. It’s quite interesting what I’ve observed over time is that when things start going wrong for someone – it tends to – everything seems to happen and it often shows up in full force at settlement time. Finance not coming together at the right time. So this stuff keeps coming up. You name it. It all seems to happen for the same amount of time. Then you can have two identical properties next to each other and the other person is have it completely coming together with absolute ease grace and flow and there’s something going on in relation to the expectation that has been set up by the person. You’re going through that.

Bernadette: So what would you say would be the main thing that holds people back in their journey to their financial abundance? We hear a lot about the fact that, when we were children, our beliefs around money are formed and sometimes they’re handicapped on your childhood or is it something else that could be a fundamentally contributor?

Jason: Yes. We’ve all been conditioned by the time we’re seven years of age. We’ve basically got a whole operating system at play. Because up until about 10, we’ve been sponging everything that we’ve been experiencing either from our parents or in our community or in the experiences that we’re having. So we’re making up everything that fundamentally is how we show up and will paint the same sort of things but the significant thing that I was sharing with you before there has been at pains still at play. But I’m aware of it. So that was conditioned to something that happened to me through that period.

And our money mindset is usually determined by our parents. My parents, I mean my mum. My mum is a very can’t afford to do this, I can’t afford to do that, I don’t have of money. That was her conversation that she was having with my father. A very money focused, but very very tight with money, don’t want to spend any money. So I had those experiences and so I went through a stage of being very tight fisted with money and then I realised I actually did the work and I had the conversations going on account of all this and all I shouldn’t do that. It came from my parents and upbringing. But I became very aware of what had been conditioned in me and I override. I’ve worked on clearing that from myself so it’s not even on my radar now. So yeah. We definitely are conditioned and the more we bring our awareness to how we’re showing up, the more we have the opportunity to decide and to choose again. To choose what we would really truly love, and the more opportunity we give ourselves, a space for, a space to connect into what we want. The more it’s going to unfold for how we want.

Bernadette: Yeah. So we have four young adult children now, but when they were growing up as teenagers, often I would hear them say things like, oh I can’t do that, I can’t afford to do that. I would always say to them, it’s not that you can’t afford, it’s not a priority, it’s important to do anything you want to. That you need to take that out of your vocabulary, because it’s not empowering. I find it quite challenging in renovating, because in order to be a good renovator, you really do have to be tight fisted over the budget and I find that a little bit at odds with the whole abundance mindset.

Jason: That is where it’s useful because you’re investing in a property, so you’re investing for a return. So it’s leading the emotion. It’s easy for letting the emotions take over. Oh I want to have the Miele ovens and the best tiles. Well it doesn’t make sense. When you’re renovating for profit, when you’re renovating for a specific reason – so absolutely that’s business! Get sensible.

Bernadette: Yeah. Yes it is. Yes unfortunately, let’s say it’s the nature of the beast. So do you believe in the law of attraction?

Jason: Well, totally! That’s what I teach here.

Bernadette: Let’s look at how would you suggest that we harness prosperity in our lives through the law of attraction.

Jason: The first thing is to get really clear on what you want from your unlimited self. So giving yourself space to connect and to want do I really want? What do I really want to bring forth? Now the thing with property is, it’s connecting to reason why. Why do you want to invest? Why do you want to build a portfolio of properties? Why do you want to renovate for profit? What is the reason behind it? What’s it going to give you. The more you can connect into what that’s going to give you and the more you’re connecting into what’s giving you the joy. The joy filled thoughts, feelings, experiences, the more you’re going to be drawn to that.

And that gives you your why and then once you’ve got your why, then looking at it, okay, well what if this is my why. If I was going to invest on a property, or a harvestable portfolio. Probably if I was to renovate this property, what does that look like at its most abundant? And what’s going to give me joy in relation to creating this or investing in this. And then the more you can connect into it at its most abundant it is at its most expensive the more you are drawing forth that outcome. It is when you become wavering on it. So where people go wrong is they waver. We all know that it’s failing. Oh let’s not go, this has gone wrong, isn’t going along with it. They tried a monkey mindset that has taken over and then you start focusing on the things that aren’t right. And then of course when you start focusing on the things that aren’t right, the more of the things that aren’t right are going to show up. Whereas if you with giving yourself space connecting to the things that are right, that good or the gratitude for the amazing opportunity that’s it for you. The amazing investment is here. That’s creating such fabulous outcome. The more that it’s going to start showing up.

Bernadette: And just on the on the topic of gratitude, I know you and I have spoken about how gratitude has an impact on your mindset, but how does that actually work?

Jason: When you’re grateful, you are in the frequency of what is. And from this place of what is, you are drawing forth more of what you wish for. So the more you can create space for gratitude the more you are attracting it and so you can practice gratitude for things that you don’t even have. I am so grateful for my amazing portfolio of properties that is drawing forth an amazing income and wealth creation that it is bringing forth I am so grateful for that. So whether it happened or not, now doesn’t matter is it? The energy that you are attracting and the more you can feel it running through your body, the more you can feel the abundance flowing into your experience the more you will draw and forth that, the more magnetic you are to creating that. Whereas the opposite is. I don’t have this. This is not in my experience. I don’t have enough money, I don’t have this, I don’t have a wrap up of the net, that is going to be your experience because you’re putting out that frequency there. The energy.

Bernadette: If that were it. And also, I think that abundance means different things to different people. Like your land of abundance with a penthouse, with views of the harbor and Mercedes in the driveway, to someone else it might just be a home in the suburbs that paid off. Yes it is different.

Jason: Totally, this stage of my life that’s not my focus. My focus is not on the material things, it’s how I show up, it’s how to impact other people, how I draw force and work with many people who are also making a difference in the world. That’s my land of abundance. That’s completely shifted. The playground for me was to have this tangible physical outcomes. That was what showed up for me at that time and I wanted to draw it forth and it set my foundation on financially, so that I can fully concentrate on the work that I’m doing now. And so it changes. And that’s a thing, it’s not get locked into it being in one form, it’s expanding and leaving it to change as you evolve.

Bernadette: Yeah and I don’t know whether you’ve noticed this, but I believe that the more things that you get, the more that you get the less that you want.

Jason: Yeah yeah. It’s funny my tip. You know it was so important to have a Mercedes convertible bet me. I like having a racer because they’re so reliable and cheap to run. And no it doesn’t usually feel it’s completely different. I just don’t care so much about racing anymore not important. But most people, this is the thing, most people think they have to have a fancy house and the fancy car and all that, all the trappings with it because that’s what, we, as a society, we are conditioned to expect. And there’s nothing wrong with any of that, there is nothing wrong with any of it and go for it. Go for it. Draw forth what you’d like but the ultimate thing is the joy. What gives us joy, what gives us purpose, that is fundamentally what abundance really is. Because we come in hard times and we leave with nothing. But having the joyful experiences, the connections, the fulfillment, that is really the key to living a really rich abundant life.

Bernadette: I couldn’t agree more I often think that nobody in their life, on their deathbed wish that they’d worked more or made more money. They use more and more connection with the people that they love. Yeah, absolutely. Okay so we’re just about to the end. So what I would like to know. Can you give us your three top tips for renovators or investors for creating more financial abundance in their lives.

Jason: So my first one would be to get clear on your why. What is your why? Why do you want it? Why do you want to either invest or renovate to invest or renovate for profit. Connect it to what. What the reason is, is it to give your family more? Is it to have. What is it? What is the reason behind it and it’s perfectly okay if you just love doing renovations or you love investing and probably that’s fine but just keep connecting to the why. Because if you’ve got your why behind you. It’s going to take an end or why is it at its most expensive it’s going to give you the motivation, the reason, the purpose behind it, so that when you had a monkey mind comes in and the doubt kicks in, I actually know, this is my reason why I’ve got my reason why, so it’s very very clear. So that would be number one. Number two would be to connect, to give yourself space to look at what is the best type of investment for me? Am I more of a passive investor? Am I an active investor. And what does that look like? And if I’m renovating, Is that fun for me? I see it as fun. So what does that sound or would it be stressful for you. Looking at what’s the best avenue for you to go down in relation to investing and property. And the third one would be keep your awareness on how you are showing up. So if you’ve got the doubt, if you’ve got the fear, if you’ve got the chad monkey mind running the show. Is to just to notice them, and to say that’s not what I truly want to bring forth. What I truly want to bring forth is building my portfolio of property and the quickest way to neutralize this, the quickest way and most effective way to neutralize this is some gratitude, because it is a quick way. But I’m so grateful for the opportunities that are before me. I’m so grateful for the abundance it surrounds me because it starts putting you back into those good feeling thoughts. The frequency of drawing forth what you want is, what you’re wishing to create in your experience.

Bernadette: So there’s some really practical ways to really manifest abundance. I just want to summarize that. To remind people of what they were. The first one is to get clear on your why so that you can make that your focus. The next one is to understand what is the best type of investing for you. And in particular with renovating, if that’s something that you find stressful then you might want to look for a different type of investing. But if that’s something that you love, then choose something that brings you joy. Third, keep your awareness, somehow you’re showing up and if you find yourself slipping into doubt, to practice gratitude to neutralize that.

Jason: I would add the vital piece. Take action! Take action! Nothing is going to happen without taking action.

Bernadette: Exactly. But we don’t just draw up, put up our vision board and then just wait for the lightning bolt.

Jason: No, it doesn’t work like that. You’ve got to take action. And the more inspired action you take, what you’re drawn forth and what’s drawing you forth to take action then the more powerful that is. But nothing’s going to happen without actually taking action, without taking the step without, taking the leap of faith, making the investment and making it happen. Yeah, I’ve got to take action. It’s not going to just land and if you’re taking the next step and expect it to eventually unfold, it’ll unfold, things will show up to support you. Along the way.

Bernadette: Exactly. So that some really great practical tips and information. And Jason if any of the listeners want to know more about your work where should they go?

Jason: or find me on Facebook: , I have a land of abundance activation group on Facebook which I post whenever I get an inspiration, I do a carpool karaoke download, I share information or snippets. I sometimes download meditations on there. All sorts of different things I post on that group. And then if you’re inspired to talk to me more just send me a message through my website or through Facebook.

Bernadette: Wonderful. Well thank you very much for all that inspiring information, Jason. And to those listening today. We’ll see you next week.

Jason: Thanks Bernadette. And Happy investing to all of your listeners!

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    “If you need to break through any of your limitations to find the joy and success in renovation, Bernadette is your inspiration and advisor with decades of experience. Her down to earth, practical style of sharing what works and how to keep control of any renovating project is worth tuning in for - week after week. I have done a few renovations in the (distant) past and now feel motivated to go again, this time for a change of pace and new horizons. This podcast shows the way. Thanks Bernadette, James Burgin”
    My Guilty Pleasure..Tanned Greek via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 10/26/20
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    “Just dropping by to show my support for your podcast Bernadette. I look forward to each episode and I am never disappointed with the content. It’s such a generous offering and compared to many of the other property podcasts I subscribe to, yours is the clear winner. Perfectly suited to people embarking on a new renovator journey but equally suited to more experienced folk like myself - there’s something for everyone. Keep up the great work. Your honesty is so refreshing! I look forward to future learning and hearing more student success stories. Best, David Michos (And yes... a bloke) 😉”
    You would have to be crazy to miss this !!Lifestylepp via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 10/15/20
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    “If you have any interest at all in renovating, you would be crazy not to listen to every episode! As someone who has done many courses and a project manager by trade, i learn something every time. Bernadette is so genuine and generous and totally relatable. Do yourself a favour and subscribe now !”

    Want more?

    If you want to meet up with a group of savvy renovators. I would say come over and join She Renovates Facebook Group. It’s a completely FREE Facebook group and it is growing at the rate of knots. We hit over a thousand members just recently, and now it seems to have picked up momentum. They are all savvy renovating women and men working their little hearts out to live a better life through renovating.

    The only membership you need to grow your renovation business…

    Wonder Women is a combination of live sessions and pre-recorded content to help you get what you need, when you need it. I know that you’re the expert and you’ve got all of your subject knowledge nailed – now it’s time to build the business behind your renovation projects and stop being the worlds best kept secret. 

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