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The podcast for women who want to create income and a life they love through renovating

Join serial renovator Bernadette Janson as she explores the ins and outs of renovating for profit!

Bernadette has over 30 years of experience in the renovating for profit business. She’s a registered nurse, a renovator, a mum, and a teacher.

1 – Why She Renovates

she renovates

Bernadette Janson is the founder and CEO of The School Of Renovating, blogger, speaker, book contributor, wife, homemaker and mother of three, and now the host of the podcast “She Renovates”.

“She Renovates” is a podcast for women who love renovating and wants to take it to the next level to create an income and a life they love thru professional renovating.

On today’s episode,

Bernadette outlines the virtues of renovating to improve your income and your life Including increasing the yield on your property portfolio, replacing a job you don’t love, helping your family and even helping your favourite charity.

Listen to Episode 1: Why She Renovates

Bernadette covers,

  • How she started pursuing her love of renovating at the age of 13
  • How her husband Stephen was supportive of her passion in the past 40 years and has been a big factor in her success
  • How The School of Renovating was born out of this passion to help out women renovators
  • How she discovered a way to help retiring women to make an income out of their renovating skills
  • Solutions that renovating gives to life’s little problems – how do you encourage your children to get into the property market?
  • The Avocado Smash Strategy
  • Raising money for charity that provides home care and education to at risk children in Thailand by donating 100% profit of a reno project to “Hands Across the Water”
  • Why she prefers joint ventures
  • A renovation project in Redfern by the Rennie Street Angels
  • An ongoing splitter block renovation project in Wynnum, Queensland
  • Her contribution to the book “The Secrets of Property Millionaires Exposed”

To celebrate the launch of “She Renovates” Bernadette is giving away a FREE gift for you! Uncover your special surprise by listening through the end of the episode and leaving a review in iTunes. The first 10 listeners who will leave a review will get the FREE gift as thanks for participating on our podcast launch: She Renovates. Click the link to subscribe, leave a review and claim your FREE gift.

Join Bernadette in this episode as she shares with you her story and what led her to renovating and helping women renovators reach their dreams.


Welcome to the first episode of ‘She Renovates’, a podcast for women who love renovating and would love to take it to the next level to create an income and the life they love through renovating.

Now before we get into it I need to remind you that the information in this podcast is general in nature you should seek personal advice from your financial planner and accountant that relates specifically to your circumstances so that you maximize your position and minimize your risk. The examples in this podcast are for illustrative purposes only.

My name is Bernadette Janson, I’m the founder and CEO of The School Of Renovating and now the host of the podcast She Renovates. So you might be wondering why I’m creating a podcast for women who want to renovate and the reality is that many women undersell themselves in terms of what they’re capable of through renovating and property and I want to share with you what’s possible because the reality is most of us have the skills to be really proficient renovators.

Being a wife homemaker or mother or all three is a great training ground for being an excellent renovator. And so I want to basically share with you what is the joy of renovating, the opportunities and also the nitty gritty on what you need to do and know to be good at your job.

So this is a foundational episode so I’m going to share with you the format that the podcast will take. Some of the topics that we’ll cover, how I started and who I am and also we’ll get into a little bit of renovating towards the end of the episode.
So thank you for joining me today. My promise to you is that I’ll get better. This is something that doesn’t really come naturally to me. You’ll find that as time goes on things will definitely improve.

But firstly I want to, I guess describe how this podcast is going to go. I really love to mix things up. I tend to get bored quite quickly and I love variety and I think it’s one of the basic human needs that Tony Robbins talks about. So this is going to be a podcast that’s filled with variety. So I will be hosting many of the episodes solo. But I’ll also be doing some interviews. I’ll be interviewing some renovators, some of our students who’ve done really awesome renovations and have lots to share with you that will benefit you. I’ll also be interviewing some subject matter experts. It’s not a thing that you do on your own.
There’s lots of different skills that go into being a good renovator, skills around sourcing and property, around due diligence, around finance, lots of things that we need to know. So I’ll be bringing on my best advisor’s in those areas and sharing their expertise with you as well.

And then also we’ll be doing some mini training’s on various aspects of renovating and property. So that you start to build your skills in this area.

So let’s get started now. Just one more thing I have been intending to start a podcast I think about three years so to celebrate the momentous occasion of actually finishing my first episode. What I have is a gift for you a special surprise. So listen on, I’ll share the details at the end of this episode.

Some of the topics we’ll be covering, money and mindset, different strategies for building wealth through renovating whether it be renovating a family home whether it be flipping. You might be building a portfolio and using renovating as a way of increasing your equity quickly, using renovating to increase yield.
We’ll also talk about high cash flow strategies and we’ll get into the nitty gritty of some of the specific areas of renovating, like kitchens and bathrooms, floor coverings. Pretty much, yes it’s open slather on the topic.

I guess you may be wondering who I am so I’ll give you a really quick rundown on how I got to be in this place. I started out life as a registered nurse and I did my first renovation at 13 on our family farm in central Victoria. As time has gone on I guess now I’ve been renovating for well over 30 years. I also happened to marry someone who was equally as passionate about renovating.

My husband Stephen has also been in the building industry for over 40 years so needless to say we’ve got lots of experience behind us. But don’t think that, that means everything’s gone perfectly smoothly because it absolutely hasn’t. We’ve made pretty much every mistake in the book. Been lots of aha moments along the line, but the reality is, that renovating has brought a richness to our life and it’s something that to this day we’re still really passionate about. Stephen has another role in he’s involved in the construction of hospitals and universities. But he also consults to our business. He has the best of both worlds.

I started the school of renovating because I realized that there are a lot of women in particular that could be doing so much better if they knew what I knew basically. And so that’s why I started it. I also started it for selfish reasons because I really wanted to have a community of like-minded people around me who shared the joy of renovating.

And so, that’s how The School Of Renovating was born. Now we train people on how to create an income from renovating. And we also have mentoring programs as well. If you want to know a bit more about The School Of Renovating. You’ll find a link in the show notes and you can go over and have a look.

The thing I want to tell you is that over the course of my life renovating has solved a lot of life’s little problems. So I started out when my children were really small we have four children very close together. And initially I started to keep myself sane.

Then it became a means to not have to go to work. I was able to work from home. It filled both a need for creativity and challenge in my life. And it also was a way of contributing to the family finances.

So back to some of the life’s little problems that renovating solves. So I’ve talked about staying at home with the children when they’re little. The next problem that renovating has solved is actually our retirement, preparation for our retirement. We reached a point in our life I was actually having a big long break from renovating and realized that we were not well enough prepared for retirement. So I was able to narrow that in about two projects. So that’s certainly something that I think everyone needs to look at. And if renovating your thing then you know that you have the capacity to do it reasonably quickly and effectively.
And then the next problem we came across is that our children, now young adult children, were finding it hard to get into the property market. So once again renovating is the answer.

And so we developed the avocado smash strategy where we team up with our children to do a project in order to give them a decent chunk of money to get them going in the property market. So we’re currently. Well we’ve just finished our second project. Our aim is to enable them to create a $100,000 lump sum to take home with them. And yes. So that will certainly be an episode on its own.

Another thing that we’ve used renovating for is to actually raise money for a charity that’s really dear to us. So last year we did a project to raise some money for an organization that provides home care and education to at risk children in Thailand. As a result, we actually bought, renovated and sold with the help of our community a studio in Surry Hills in Sydney. And we’re able to make $120,000 profit which we donated to the organization at that time is called “Hands Across The Water”. So that’s another fabulous use for renovating.

So I have a saying, you know, if you have a wedding in the family, do a reno. We have a holiday, you would need a holiday, do a reno. Well we’ve done plenty of fabulous holidays and really built a rich life through renovating.
I think probably the next thing to do is to share with you just some of the projects that I have been working on. Important to note, finished one and we’ve still got two on the go and every one of these projects is being done as a joint venture.
So as I mentioned while I may not have mentioned, I don’t really love being on a building site on my own. I think doing projects together is way more fun.

So the first one of those projects is a joint venture that I did with our son, David, who is now an architect. That’s one of the byproducts of bringing your children up on a building site. It gets into their blood. And so we’ve just completed a renovation in Bondi. Originally we bought that property, he was planning to have that as his family home but his circumstances have changed and it looks like it probably will be going to market. So that’s pretty well done, there’s just some defects that he’s working on at the moment.

Second project is a renovation of a terrace house in Redfern. So that’s being done with three other women, we call ourselves that Rennie Street Angels. That’s, probably got about two weeks to go. Once it’s finished, it’s been on short term rental or Airbnb prior to being renovated it will go back on to Airbnb until about the end of January. Because Christmas is not a time to put a property on the market.

And the third project is in Wynnum in Queensland. And so with that, it’s not just the straight reno. It’s a splitter block. So basically it’s two blocks on one lot. However the house is over the boundary. And so what we’ve done is realigned the boundaries so the blocks can be split and we can sell, that they can block a land behind the house separately. And we’re also in the throes of renovating the house to sell as well.
Now my partner in that project is the lovely Belinda. I’ll be inviting Belinda in to share her experience of that project as soon as it’s done which is not too far off.

Okay, now I mentioned at the beginning of this episode that I had a special little surprise as a sort of an intro gift. So recently I was asked to contribute to a book called The Secrets of Property Millionaires Exposed. Well that’s been written and published and while it’s not officially going to be launch until February 2019, I had probably about a thousand copies turn up on my doorstep and I decided that I’m going to give some away because I can.

So if you’re interested in getting a copy of the hot off the press not even launched yet. Secrets of Property Millionaires Exposed. This has been authored by Dale Beaumont, I think you’d call him a serial entrepreneur. And of course I feature in that book along with many other subject matter experts. So it’s a really good sort of mix of strategies around property. We will give out 10 Free books to the first 10 listeners who will subscribe to our iTunes account and leave us a review or rating.

So the book is my gift to you.  On that note I’m going to sign off and say Episode 1 successfully completed and I’ll see you in the next episode.

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