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123 – Is Buying And Renovating A Website Similar To Property Renovation?

On today’s episode,

One of my goals is to learn how to flip websites and whenever I make a decision to learn a new skill, I like to shortcut the learning curve and get some help from someone who has already walked the walk. So today, I have Liz Raad from e-business Institute who will share her expertise and knowledge about website flipping and how it relates to buying and renovating properties.

Listen to Episode 123: Is Buying And Renovating A Website Similar To Property Renovation?

Is Buying And Renovating A Website Similar To Property Renovation?

Episode Highlights

  • [00:00:34] Bernadette Janson’s goal number 33: learn to flip websites
  • [00:02:55] Being a confident woman in a male-dominated industry
  • [00:03:45] From buying and selling real estate properties to buying and renovating websites 
  • [00:05:17] Setting short-term and long-term goals in buying and renovating websites
  • [00:05:17] How to build a more passive income 
  • [00:06:50] Cashflow strategies and long-term assets strategies
  • [00:07:29] Helping local businesses with their websites and generate cashflow
  • [00:09:18] How long does it take to become proficient in buying and renovating websites
  • [00:10:23] How a student leveraged and accelerated her website renovating journey
  • [00:11:43] There is a learning journey but once you have it renovating is a skill for life
  • [00:15:13] Keeping your brain working while generating income 
  • [00:16:04] You need experience and mastery in buying websites and buying property
  • [00:17:08] Renovating  websites from a couple of hundred dollars to multi-million dollars
  • [00:18:23] How to pick website deals that suit you
  • [00:19:27] Does the buyer’s agent have a role in buying websites? 
  • [00:20:17] Why due diligence is worth millions
  • [00:22:09] The low buy-in makes renovating websites a  much safer process
  • [00:26:05] Buying a website is like buying a blue-chip suburb
  • [00:28:48] Our goal in buying and renovating a website is always to double our income 
  • [00:30:04] Is it better to buy websites on topics that you’re passionate about?
  • [00:29:54] The skills that your website renovating team must have 
  • [00:33:44]  How renovating websites is similar to renovating properties


“There’s going to be the learning journey, but that’s okay because once you’ve got it, I think this is our big thing, we believe it’s a skill for life because we’re going forward into that digital age, anyway.”


Hello everyone! So a few episodes ago, I shared some of my a hundred goals for life and I’m working my way through them, but I’m starting the process for realising goal number 33 on my list, and that was to learn to flip websites.

I’m really excited about this because it’s a bit of a variation on what we do, but it’s dealing with property that’s often, you know, doesn’t require as much money. And the renovation, I’m hoping I’m going to find out shortly, doesn’t require so much physical work. Also, I thought what I would do is bring you on the journey. Whenever I make a decision to learn a new skill, I like to shortcut the learning curve and get some help from someone who has already walked the walk. And so my guest today is the person that I have chosen as my mentor and that’s Liz Raad.

Bernadette Janson: So hi, Liz!

Liz Raad: Hi!

Bernadette Janson: Thanks for coming on the podcast. So Liz is half of the eBusiness Institute team as she’s married to Matt and basically she’s created financial freedom in her life starting from zero and using a really unconventional method by buying, renovating, and selling websites and digital properties. So the strategies she uses are very similar to those that we use in real estate and can be done from home, starting with very little capital and no debt, which we absolutely love. 

She’s also an angel investor and an educator and runs the eBusiness Institute with her husband, Matt. Training, people with skills to buy and build their own online portfolios.

Now very few people around the world even know that this is possible. So I’ve asked her to share insights into her journey as a successful female entrepreneur and website investor. And tips for those of us who would like to start using our property experience in the online world.

Thanks so much for coming on. I have to say, I am really excited about that. And while I was reading out your bio, I wonder whether you deal with so many━ like, our industry is still quite for one of a better word, misogynous. So as women in our industry, we really do have to build our confidence and be quite assertive. Just before we get into the questions that I prepared earlier. What is your experience?

Liz Raad: Yeah. That is an interesting question because I have been involved in a lot of my life in very male-dominated industries.  We worked in mergers and acquisitions back in Sydney. We were business brokers for a while and we have buying and selling businesses.

Before we did websites, we actually bought and sold businesses. A lot of the time, even whether it’s the suppliers or the contractors or the accountants, even all those people, most of them were men. I think it was a question of kind of what, I don’t know what you call it━ I just spoke as if they were anyone and I spoke directly to whoever it was and if they didn’t come back to me, or not looking me in the eye, or obviously respecting what I was going to say, I internally would just be thinking, “all right I’m not going to deal with you. You’re not worth being━ you’re not going to be in my life.”

Luckily, I have a lovely husband who’s very supportive of that because he was the same. He said we don’t want to work with people who were━ because we’re a team and obviously, and I’m part of that team so they need to realise if you work with us, you work with both of us. You don’t just talk to him.

Bernadette Janson: Exactly. That’s pretty much the approach we’ve taken as well. Sometimes, you don’t really have a choice because often, we don’t have that many trades to choose from. But there have been times when Stephen and I both got quotes for the same work and his quote has been significantly lower than mine. I’ve figured out some strategies around that so that doesn’t happen because it’s hard to run a business when you’re getting the woman tax.

Okay. So the thing that I’m really interested in your product or your process is the low barrier to entry in terms of finance. I don’t think it’s a low barrier to entry in terms of skill, but we’ll talk about that.  So in our work, when we are working with students, we like them to have a long-term goal and a short-term goal. In a long-term goal, Everyone that watches the reno shows loves the whole idea of flipping. And I have to say, I love it too because it’s quite an adrenaline charge. 

However, if you’re serious about building wealth in, I know you’re on board with this, you’ve got to think about how you can build more passive income. I don’t think any income is ever truly passive, but more passive income to be able to live and get paid when you’re not working every day.  And what I want to ask you is this a process that you can achieve with websites?

Liz Raad: Yeah, really good question. And in an interesting way the same when we work with people, we always want to know the short-term goal. What do you need now? And then, okay, The long-term goal, where are you heading and what do you want to create for yourself?  And that’s what we do. So the wonderful thing about this is, with these digital skills and this is our specialty taking absolute beginners through to having the skills. To be able to buy and renovate and operate websites work with online properties in a way that you can add value and then either sell or hold. I think the most important thing is to understand that there are different strategies for different times in your journey. So often when we start out with people, if they want high cash flow, just like you were saying then with property, we’ve got cash flow strategies, but we’ve also got long-term assets strategies.

Now the skills crossover, you use the same skills, but it might be a different stage of your journey or of your life. I did an interview with one of our students. She’s the corporate lawyer and within seven months, she’s got the skills and she’s actually what she’s doing is selling some websites to local businesses to generate cash flow. 

She got to that point where she just couldn’t do what she was doing anymore. And she just said, “that’s it,” and she knew she wanted to do cash flows so she actually used these skills to help some local businesses first. This way, she can generate up that cash flow while going on to do other strategies where she builds them for herself or buys them and leverages up.

So there’s a lot of different ways that you can use these skills, and I think that’s what my favourite thing about this is too. And we see this in our students, Everyone goes on their own journey. We teach them that same fundamental set of skills and then they can go from there to the outside world.

Bernadette Janson: Awesome!

Liz Raad: So yeah,  that’s a very exciting thing about this digital space. Once you’ve got those skills, it’s ultimately choosing your own adventure.

Bernadette Janson: I guess one of the sources of my fascination, I’ve been in this business for seven years now, and it’s been quite an uphill journey because, when I started, I had no idea. I didn’t know what the end of a website was at. And so it’s been a big learning curve. But I, to this day, would not be able to do what your students are doing. So you clearly, I guess, have figured out the fast track to getting results.

Liz Raad: Yeah. That’s a very good point because I think when you’re educating yourself, you can try and learn everything or you can narrow down and go, “okay, this is the exact thing I need to know in order to achieve this goal, that’s all I need to know.” You don’t need to worry about all the other stuff. You actually want to just have that really nice focus, know what you need to know, and do it well. 

Bernadette Janson:  Let’s say you’ve got someone who’s not a tech-savvy, let’s say, a woman in her 50’s wants to replace her income, how long would it take that woman to, let’s say she gives it a roll, how long would it take her to become proficient?

Liz Raad: This is our specialty. We work with absolute beginners, but what it does depend on is of course, yes, like you said, how much time you have, but also some people will pick this up and run with it really quickly and just bang━ they’re in it. And we’ve got people who’ve replaced their incomes, like six-figure incomes within 12 months. So that is possible. It’s good to know what’s possible. 

Then there are other people who really like━ they don’t want to work at that fast pace so if they’re more methodical, then it can take a couple of years. For some people, it’s taken three years to really get to the point where━  I’m talking about making money. To become proficient, I think after 12 months for most people. We get everyone to build a website within the first three months. So you’ve put together a website and you’ve got those skills to have that ability within months. Then the next step is getting more confident with it. Like the first time you do something like, “Oh,” and then, but then as you do it again, and interestingly too, the journey could be different depending on how you like to operate.

Some people love doing it themselves. I love that creative process. And so they pick a strategy where they’re building and renovating those assets themselves. I guess it’s very similar to property, some people want to do it all themselves. That’s very cheap and easy. You don’t have to hire people and all that, but if you want to leverage, if your big long-term goal is okay, “I want this and I want it fast,” then this is like the━  Sharon who was interviewing, actually leveraged. She learned the process. You understand how websites work, she’s got it, but now she hires people to do this stuff. So she gets leveraged that way. And that’s why she’s been able to accelerate that journey because she’s reasonably said, “okay, I got it. Now I’m going to get someone else to do it. And I’ll just manage the process.”

Bernadette Janson: Yeah. That was going to be my next question. What is the difference between the people that take three years and the people take 12 months? And so would you say it is the fact that they’re open to letting go and bringing in expertise that’s going to help them get to where they want to go?

Liz Raad:  Always. So we’ve got Chris who built her own sites now. She took a while like, she was an absolute technophobe. It was actually her husband that came on and she said, “no, don’t want anything to do with it. Hate computers. No,” but then after a while, she was like, “okay, this looks pretty cool.” Chris and Matt always laugh together because when Matt told her━ this is how technophobes, well, how non-techie she was when Matt said, “Oh, you need to like, it’s good to have two screens. Two computer screens because he can move stuff.” She bought a whole new computer. Another computer, not as just a screen. So that’s the level like we are off of working with people who really are not technical at all and so for those people, it will take a bit longer. You might don’t need to get into this digital world, but what’s inspiring is though Chris went on to make a six-figure income out of her websites.

So I think it’s that if you are, if you say, “okay. Yes. I’m going to learn this. And like you said,” yeah, let go of that fear and know that it’s not going to work straight. Like it’s not going to work the first time you do it. There’s going to be the learning journey, but that’s okay. Because once you’ve got it, I think this is our big thing. We believe it’s a skill for life because we’re going forward into that digital age, anyway. We need to know this stuff and that’s something Matt and I are very passionate about. I love setting people up. And that’s our goal is to give people that skill. 

In that regard a lot of time, it actually doesn’t matter how long it takes, whether it’s a year or three years. If you find that you are like, you don’t pick it up instantly, that’s okay. Just plan differently and say, “all right, maybe I’m not going to be a computer wiz within two seconds. That’s okay. I’ll take my time.” And maybe you’ll keep working for maybe a year or two longer than you would’ve really liked to, but, in the end, you have that skill and no one can take that away. That’s what I love about that.

You can lose a job and you can learn, especially I think for us in the forties and fifties and sixties for women, it’s very kind of━ it’s stressful. There are so many people we know who when they lose their job and can’t get another one. So I think there’s that as well, that kind of bigger picture thinking, “okay I’m going to get in and I’m going to make this happen.”

Bernadette Janson: Yeah. I just love the concept. As I mentioned,  it’s been on my to-do list for quite a few years, but I had to wait until I got my own business sort of ticking along because what’s that Chinese proverb? “If you chase many rabbits, you catch none.” Is that how it goes?

Liz Raad: Yeah.

Bernadette Janson: So getting to a point where you’ve got focus and that’s certainly what I find. One of the things that I think makes a difference in getting results. Actually being focused on what you’re trying to achieve. So if you’re someone who’s looking down the path of retirement and not really seeing that you’re prepared for a good life, then giving this some focus will really make a massive difference.

Liz Raad: Definitely. And I think the other element too, which we see a lot is that we’ve got a lot of retirees who are on our courses, who don’t want to retire yet. They are going to do something fun. They want to keep their brain going and doing some stuff and keeping some income coming in. And this is a great way to do it because it’s not physical.

It’s not hard physical labour and you can leverage it if you want to, you can get other people to do that technical stuff. And then, yeah, so I think that’s a really cool thing too.

Bernadette Janson:  Absolutely.

Liz Raad: Something you can do now on your own if you want to.

Bernadette Janson:  Yeah. Well, I’m definitely putting my hand up. So one of the problems that I find with our students and forgive me for keeping drawing these analogies, but that’s really I think we are really aligned in that way. And one of the problems that I notice happens and I’ve established a solution for it. And then I’m wondering how you go about this is, the amount of time it takes them to find a property that has potential. The right property. And I would imagine that takes judgment that comes with experience. And often when you’ve just got out of the theory, it takes a while to develop that sort of experience. Do you find that comes into play with your process?

Liz Raad: Yeah. That’s a really important point because you need a little bit of mastery to really buy well, now what we do and what I think is really good point. Oh, the good thing about this marketplace is that we can get mastered with very small deals so we can buy a site for under $500 or we can build a few sites first and really understand how it works and get some success with those. 

Then you really have a far better understanding of how you can do that almost for free. Like with a bit of hosting $10, $15 a month in hosting you may pay for potentially a little bit of content. So maybe a few hundred dollars and you can be up and running and going through the whole process many times before you go on to buy a website worth 5,000, 10,000, 50,000, a hundred thousand, whatever it is.

For us strategy that’s the bonus in doing online and this kind of strategy, our properties are ranging from a few couple of hundred dollars to multi-million dollars. And there’s the potential to take one to any level so just a quick example, which I just thought of which I love is one of the brokers we know, he was telling us about one of his sites that he just recently sold. It was from a couple of guys who bought a little website, let’s say it’s a $20,000 website. In real estate terms, that’s tiny. So for 20,000 they had a big goal in mind. They hit that website with a lot of content. That was their plan, they added lots and lots of content. Four years later, they sold that website for $15 million.

Bernadette Janson: Wow!

Liz Raad: Isn’t that awesome? So the leverage, again, choose your own adventure. What’s your goal? And you can pick the deals that suit you. So in terms of timeframe, what you were saying, there are lots of little deals available, so you can buy those instantly and start practicing. So that’s good. The next level up, so say a thousand to $5,000 deals. We’ve got some students who’ve really bought really well in that kind of range. Lisa just bought one about a year ago, $2,000. She renovated it. Now making it just hits $7,000 in a month.

Bernadette Janson: Wow.

Liz Raad: Isn’t that cool? There are some really nice deals in there, but obviously, they’re a little━ you gotta be looking for those, I’d say, there are lots of deals coming up all the time. Flipper has hundreds. That is for sale every day. And then there are all the brokers. There are more and more brokers popping up. So when we’re talking about the growing market here, we have a lot more opportunities coming into the market every day.

Bernadette Janson: Yeah. So one of the ways that I got around the problem is I partnered with. Well, I identify first brokers or buyer’s agents who are reputable and understand the process and the numbers to actually source the properties for students who did not feel confident about it. And that’s actually been a game-changer, so I’m finding sort of generally, not always, but generally, the students that get the best results are the ones that actually take that on. Because it’s not just the skill in finding the property, it’s the time frame and keeping the deal flow happening. So if you’ve got someone that you can trust to source that property for you, you can have your projects ready to go. So anything like that is available?

Liz Raad:  That’s very smart. We don’t at the moment, but that is a very smart idea. Although in websites, I think part of the joy we found a lot of our students, part of the joy is actually the search.

Bernadette Janson: Yeah.

Liz Raad:  And I got to say, knowing due diligence, that’s one of the skills so you know how we talked at the beginning about focus and what are those main skills that you need. Due diligence is one of those skills that is worth so much money. It’s worth millions and not many people in the world can do due diligence on websites and know what to look for.

And that’s something we focus on a lot in making sure that our students do understand due diligence because even if a buyer’s agent did say to them, here’s a good buy website and it’s also gotta be a good buy for them. So you got to match your skills to the actual deal. And I assume you’d need to do the same.

On websites, I think it’s a really valuable thing for people to learn that skill of due diligence. And it’s interesting, I can initially, like you said, yeah it’s hard because it feels clunky and you’ve got all these things you’ve got to check and at least we can do it at home in our jimmy jams.

Bernadette Janson: Yeah. True.

Liz Raad: We can do it worldwide at whatever time in the day we want. And we don’t have to do a whole lot of accountancy and lawyer and all that sort of stuff. It’s a lot because then it’s a different structure. I think that frees us up and I really think that knowing that yourself. Once you get used to it. Once you get past that initial learning phase, you’ll actually start to get to the point where you’ve got a feel. You’ll see a deal and you go, “okay. I think that looks good.” And then you’ll do some deeper research, but you’ll get that gut feeling, “gosh, that’s a good feeling.”

Bernadette Janson: Yeah, absolutely.

Liz Raad: You can find them far quicker and easier then.

Bernadette Janson: Yeah. And I think that you’re right. It’s the low buy-in that makes that a much safer process. Like you’re putting $500 on the line. You’re not putting in 500,000. Sometimes for some people, the weight of that decision because if it’s so much money, it weighs really heavily.

Liz Raad:  Yeah.

Bernadette Janson: That’s great. That’s another plus. So for us with a property, we have a bit of a sweet spot in terms of how old the property should be. This is not a hard and fast rule, but it’s something that I think really helps to get fast profits and be able to roll them over pretty quickly.

And that’s, you know, a house or an apartment that’s about 20 years old because it’s been built using modern, relatively modern building practices yet, it’s 20 years. It’s tired. It’s ready for a refresh. So they respond well. And so there’s good profit in it. I’m not in all properties that are 20 years old. That’s one of the criteria that I think matters. I know age matters with websites, but what’s the go?

Liz Raad: Yeah. And not just age. Those search criteria, what are you looking for in a good deal? So in terms of age, obviously for website land, the older the better because it becomes rarer. The more history it’s got, the more you can trust the future. Especially if it’s in now, we have some specific criteria that we follow. When we pick our websites, we’re very strategic about the websites we pick just like you’re strategic about your properties. So there are certain elements that we need to see in a deal before we would even investigate it any further, even simple things like it’s on a simple platform. It’s easy to manage. You understand it. Like you don’t have to know the topic, but you understand what it’s about and how it makes money, things like that. 

Now age is one of those things. The longer it’s been around, the more we can trust that it’s going to keep being around and it’s going to keep making its profits that it’s showing. But in the website world, even a year old is good. We want at least a year and we are starting to buy websites of 5,000, 10,000, 50,000, 100,000, we want at least a year, probably more like three to four years is great in history that gives it more value, more security. We buy security. We want our whole due diligence process is about figuring out we’d need to know which of the websites are going to continue doing what they’re doing, but also like you find having some things that we can do to quickly increase those profits or the traffic that’s coming to the visitors.

Bernadette Janson: I’m not asking you to give away the farm, but I’m really curious to know how much paid traffic do you use?

Liz Raad: Very little to none.

Bernadette Janson: Really?

Liz Raad: Yeah. All SEO.

Bernadette Janson:  Wow.

Liz Raad: Very low social, very little social as well. Like we do have websites that have social media presences and all that sort of stuff. But I find that the reason why is because it’s so not leveraged in that. If I stopped paying for advertising, it’s gone. What we’re finding, what we’re buying is assets. So our whole strategy is about buying online assets. And I know maybe most people probably, maybe you don’t know the word Search Engine Optimisation or anything like that, but basically what we’re finding, what we buy is properties that are ranking in search engines.

So there’s a history and a momentum to them. So it’s actually hard to turn them off. So we want those ones that I’m trying to think of as an old property but it is like buying that property.

Bernadette Janson: So it’s like buying a blue-chip suburb really isn’t it?

Liz Raad:  Yeah. Rather than the quick side-by-night pop-up sort of stuff.

Bernadette Janson: Yeah. And so we asked if someone wants to produce around a hundred thousand in a project, they need to be spending about 8 or 900,000 on a property. So, If you had a student that wanted to produce a hundred thousand income, let’s say 10 grand a month, and they were going to buy a website to get up to speed quickly so that they could━ let’s say someone who’s lost their job, got some retrenchment pay, wants to replace their income really quickly. They’re earning 80 to 100,000 so they’re going to need something that’s earning at least 10,000 a month. What sort of money would they need to invest in that?

Liz Raad:  Well, when we value websites, and first of all, I would not recommend they buy one website where we’re portfolio-based because we have the luxury of doing that because we can’t tend to buy many assets rather than this big one. And that’s safer in this marketplace and we do that with everything the same with our share portfolio.

Same with properties over the years when we bought proper bought and sold properties, we tend to have more than one. We liked diversification. That’s been our strategy and that’s what’s worked for us. We wouldn’t buy just one. I would recommend buying a range of them, probably a range of price points and sizes.

You might buy a few in the two to $5,000 range. You might buy one in the 10 to $50,000 range. Websites are valued on monthly profit. So let’s say a website is making $10,000 a year or let’s say $12,000 a year, it would sell I should say  $10,000 a year. It would sell for somewhere between 10,000 to $30,000.

Bernadette Janson: Okay. So they’re going to need to spend about a hundred grand roughly?

Liz Raad:  If you’re wanting to make a hundred thousand a month. Well, see, this is the thing, what our strategy is we buy once that to renovate. So just to give you an idea, Mark━ we’ve got some good student interviews. If people want to see a few more students we’ll talk about that. He bought a website for $6,000, another one for about 20,000, 18 to 20, another one around, I think the 15,000, he spent a total of $50,000 on websites and he’s renovated them. And he now makes somewhere between 10 to $20,000 a month in income, which values his portfolio at about half a million but he bought it for 50,000.

So our strategy is about buying smart and then renovating and getting that income up. And our strategy is also about we want to pay the asset back to ourselves completely as quickly as possible. So if we buy an asset for $10,000 and it’s making a thousand dollars a month, then we pay it back in 10 months. But ideally what we want to do is renovate that and double the income. 

That’s always our goal to double your income. And so that pays back in six months, five months. And that means once we’ve got that money back in our pocket, then the website is kind of a free and clear asset. That’s our goal. So then it doesn’t matter what happens. That’s income coming in from that asset. And then we can take that money and go buy another one. And that’s how we do it without debt. If you… unless you’ve got a hundred grand and you want to put it in the market, yep! That’s fine. But if you want to do it without debt, you can actually just━ if you’re a little bit more patient, you can roll it along, renovate, pay it back. Take that money. Go again.

Bernadette Janson: I could keep asking you questions all day because I am absolutely fascinated, but I’m going to narrow it down to a couple. So the first thing is━ oh, no, I’ve got a few more than a couple, but firstly, does it matter? Is it better that you buy websites that you like on topics that you’re passionate about and build them?

Liz Raad:  Good question. If we buy, we don’t. We buy websites on any topic. It’s just the money models are the money-making model one I’m interested in. And that it’s simple and it can be renovated. And I don’t care what topic it’s on. There are a few topics that we do avoid especially where they might be copyright issues, things like celebrity sites, things that you wouldn’t buy a site about Kim Kardashian, or something like that because it’s very trendy. 

We stick to fund the basics, health, wealth, happiness. Those are the three topics that we stick to.  But you don’t need to understand it. We get all our content written by outsourcing writers. So we might find a writer who knows about that topic or they can pretty easily research it and put together content for us.

Bernadette Janson: Yeah. Which brings me to the next point. So you may or may not know I’m quite liked to get the ridged. And so I think I mentioned to you that one of my team, Judy’s going to be working with me on this because I don’t like getting down in the ditch if I can help it. I’m just wondering so what sort of skills do you need on your team? If you’re planning to… let’s say we’re planning to replace our 100k income, what skills do we need? So obviously we need some sort of web developer or whatever? 

Liz Raad: So you need a technical person, someone who can troubleshoot so you don’t want to be doing the troubleshooting zones. And so that’s the first thing we’d get all our students to hire is the technical person. And then a writer or several writers. So they’re the people who are doing the content for those websites. So all the websites we buy rely on content, good quality content being ranked in Google. And so it’s free advertising them once you have content that’s ranking and drawing in traffic, drawing in people.

And our whole focus is to answer questions, solve problems. Thought processes, how can we help people in this topic and make life easier for them? So, yes, take techie and content people.

Bernadette Janson: Okay. What about images and that sort of thing? Do you need to source a service for providing royalty-free images or what’s the go?

Liz Raad:  Yeah, we do. So we use Adobe stock or something like that so that we’ve got images for our sites. In some of our websites we might━ so if we’ve got product review websites, we do a lot but we do not do e-commerce. We don’t own any products or stock, but we do a review. We review products and a couple of our websites, what we’ve got is it’s in very passionate niches. 

So we get people who are passionate about those things and we get samples sent to them. They review them, photograph them, do all that, and then send it in and they love to do that. Some of those we’ll do it for free because they just love it so much.

So there are all sorts of ways that you can generate content and get original binges and all that sort of stuff. But yes, generally photo stock cups are great for images and graphic design, it’s so easy to get now you can have your own outsources, do it on places like CanvaFiverrUpwork, all those places.

Bernadette Janson: I have to say yes to all of those because I use them all the time. 

Liz Raad:  Yeah.

Bernadette Janson: So that’s great. So something that we have to do when you’re buying and holding property, you’ve really got to keep your finger on the pulse because like I often think that all those people that bought mining town properties, if they hadn’t been watching the market would not have ended up in the dire straits that they were because the signs were there long before the disaster happened. 

And I think that an online site, you probably do need to stay up to date with what’s happening. And also you don’t have to know much about SEO to know Google rules. How do you know everyday people that are doing this stay abreast and is the Google algorithm really something that we need to be concerned about or is that all hype?

Liz Raad: Yeah, there is a lot of hype around that. Mostly the people who jump up and down and get all upset when Google releases a new update or something, it’s because they’ve been trying to gain the system and they got caught.

What we teach is, again, we go back to the fundamentals, if we provide a good user experience, if we bring great quality content, if we think about our readers and think, “okay, what do they need to know? And how can we deliver it to them in a great way that, in essence, that’s what SEO is about?” Because remember Google is a brand and if when you go onto Google, you expect good quality results. Create websites or renovate websites, so that they’re of good quality. I’m sure it’s a very similar thing in property. We don’t do a rubbish job on your renovations.

Bernadette Janson: Absolutely. Yeah.

Liz Raad: It’s really high quality, but it’s got to be good. Like, it’s gotta be professional. As long as you have that attitude at this━ we laugh because often when the Google updates happen, our sites jump up in rankings and we go “yay!” Some more people who were trying to game the system have gone.

Bernadette Janson: Wow. That’s pretty encouraging. I definitely need to know more and we had a conversation before about what we’re going to do about that. And so could I ask you to share with our audience. If someone would like to know more about how and where can they find that out?

Liz Raad:  Yeah what we do we do some free training and I think that’s where we go into a lot more detail about our processes and how this all works and how you could get started and everything you need to know to take that kind of the first step and really understand, “okay, what’s this all about? Is this something I could actually do? Would it suit me?” 

We’ve got a special webinar and what we’re going to do is it’s related to you as property investors. How does this work in your lifestyle? How does this work in terms of what you’re doing with the property? Can you use it to actually supplement your property income or maybe cash flows and property income?

And that’s often the questions we have from property investors. So we’d like to answer all those questions for you and see whether this is going to be something that could actually solve some problems for you. So we’ll do a webinar. I think we’re going to have a link below.

Bernadette Janson:  We are.

Liz Raad: Yep. So you can find out, you can register for that and just join us, and that too we’ll do an open Q and A so that you can actually ask us any questions relating to how does this work? What does this mean for you and how you can apply it for yourself.

Bernadette Janson: Awesome. So that’s on the 19th of May and it’s going to be at 7:00 PM. So we will post the link in the show notes. I hope you can’t hear that noise. Stephen’s grinding coffee.

Liz Raad: No, I can’t.

Bernadette Janson: This room’s usually pretty good sound-wise, except when they decide to make coffee. But anyway, that’s, part of the fun of running a business from home.

Liz Raad:  Yeah, that’s right. And then also, in the meantime, too, I think I get inspired if you go to a YouTube channel, you’ll see a lot of stories there from people who are actually out there doing it. And I think that kind of puts it in context and you really hear, “okay, how does this work in the real world, and what are people doing with it?” So that’s very inspirational as well.

Bernadette Janson: I think that the thing that inspired me was one of our━ actually Wonder Women. Yeah, joined and quite a few of our graduate program. And I was listening to the stories that they were relaying to me and that’s what piqued my interest. And not recently or a while ago. So I’ve been holding off using some discipline, but yeah, now it’s time.

So for anyone that’s listening that wants to join me on the journey please yeah, register and come along to the webinar, and will you have Matt there Liz or will it just be you?

Liz Raad:  Yeah, no, we will be both be there. Yeah. And we’ll take you through the whole process.

Bernadette Janson: Whoa, that’s really good. Yes. So that should be fun. So thank you for being on the call.

For anyone that hasn’t left us a review if you have enjoyed this episode, I’d really love to hear about it. If you could go over to iTunes and leave us a review and tell me what you think, I would be really grateful because as you know, I read them all and they just really helped to inform the topics that we cover. And I think that this has been a really nice diversion from what we usually do in line, but with a few more spots a bit. So thanks so much, Liz, and I’ll see you on the 19th.

Liz Raad: Yes, I am so excited Bernadette. This is going to be a really cool journey. So I’m looking forward to sharing with you.

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